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Culture of Everyone®: IU Group stands up for diversity, tolerance and democracy


IU Group stands up for diversity, tolerance and democracy, and encourages its employees to demonstrate the importance of an open and respectful work and living environment in a social media campaign.

Munich, 31 January 2024. In light of recent events, it's more important than ever that people stand up and protect the cornerstones of our coexistence. IU Group and its employees have established a Culture of Everyone® in more than 20 years of history, and they now want to show the world which values really matter – not only inside a company, but furthermore in our society. 

The trademarked term “Culture of Everyone®” by IU Group is not only a term, but also reflects a lived corporate culture that embraces diversity, openness, tolerance, and respect. At IU Group these are fundamental aspects and integral parts of its DNA since day one. More than 140,000 people from all over the world study at one of IU Group’s universities, and more than 4,000 people from over 87 nations are working within IU Group. Every one of their voices matters, and each and every one of them plays a significant role in preserving a culture where everyone feels safe, heard and tolerated – the basis for IU Group’s mission – to empower people around the globe with the most personalised education by breaking down barriers to higher education. 

To show the importance of an open and respectful work and living environment, IU Group initiated an employee campaign on social media. Anyone who wanted could share their thoughts on why a Culture of Everyone® is important to them personally and was encouraged to publish a picture or post with the hashtag #CultureOfEveryone. Everyone outside IU group was also invited to join this movement to strengthen our democracy. 

Dr Sven Schütt, CEO at IU Group, leads by example in his LinkedIn call: 

Dr Sven Schütt, CEO at IU Group

"Embrace Our “Culture of Everyone' Movement” - Your Story of Tolerance Matters! In a world often overshadowed by division, it's time we amplify our voices for unity, tolerance, and openness. That's why we're launching our heartfelt campaign against extremist ideologies #CultureofEveryone. This isn't just a campaign; it's a heartfelt movement. A movement where your voice, your story, plays a crucial role. Let's unite in this journey: 
**Selfie with a Sign:** Seize a moment of inspiration, write 'Culture of Everyone' on a paper, and capture a selfie or video. A simple act with a profound message. 
**Share Your Story:** With your selfie, share a personal tale where tolerance touched your life, or why it holds a special place in your heart. Your stories are the heartbeat of this movement, showcasing the strength in understanding and acceptance. 
**Challenge and Inspire:** Tag 5 friends or colleagues in your post, inviting them to this wave of change. Together, let's build a tsunami of positivity! 
For me, #CultureOfEveryone resonates deeply. The diverse tapestry of my foreign and #LGBTQ+ friends and colleagues has profoundly shaped who I am. Half of my grandparents have been pro the other against Hitler. For me the many stories I have heard about this dark time are an important part of my upbringing. I deeply admire my brave grandmother who has been in the so called „bekennende Kirche“ opposing Hitler. Both from her and the many books I have read about this darkest time of the German history I learned that the Holocaust and the Second World War would not have been possible if the silent many would have raised there [sic] voices. It's our duty, our chance, and our responsibility to speak up. To ensure history's darkest chapters are never repeated. 
While we start with our IU colleagues and students I hope that we will be able to inspire many more people to join this initiative! Let's show the world that this is a world where everyone belongs. A world of tolerance, friendship and understanding. A better world.” 
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Moreover, Dr Sven Schütt stated clearly his personal and IU Group’s position towards intolerance, racism, and any kind of threat to our democracy:

Dr Sven Schütt (CEO)

"We all have a responsibility for one of the most precious gifts, a treasure that we often take for granted: Our democracy. But in today's world, in which xenophobic and totalitarian tendencies are gaining ground, we must not remain silent and inactive.

We, as Germans, bear a particularly important responsibility because of our history. We have seen where hatred and intolerance can lead. Our country has risen from a very dark past and guilt to stand up for hope, tolerance and peaceful coexistence. We must continue on this path with determination.

Tolerance and international understanding are the cornerstones on which our prosperity rests. They enable us to recognise diversity as a strength, to learn new things and to continue to develop. In an increasingly interconnected world where education and knowledge know no borders, it is essential that we remain open to other cultures, ideas and perspectives. This openness is at the heart of IU's mission and vision.

We want to democratise access to education. This is only possible in an open and tolerant democracy. At the same time, 'tolerance becomes a crime when it applies to evil', as Thomas Mann admonished us Germans. Each of us can not only share this message, but also actively live it in our everyday lives.

It is not just about spreading words, but also about standing up for our democratic values every day. We can stand up for our opinions among friends, acquaintances or colleagues when intolerance or undemocratic beliefs are voiced. We all have a voice – let's use it to strengthen our society and secure our future and the future of our children. I hope that many people will share this call in view of the dangers to our democracy, trust and tolerance."


IU Group (IUG) is Europe’s largest private university group. IUG provides a well-diversified mix of online degree courses, part-time studies and on-campus learning. It is a pioneer in delivering high-quality education and leveraging technology and innovation to meet the changing needs of students around the world. Today, IUG’s vertically-integrated education platform offers the largest portfolio of bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes in Europe with more than 250 accredited courses and some 600 upskilling offerings in German and English. IU Group cooperates with more than 15,000 enterprises and actively supports them in their people development including in high-demand areas such as business administration, data & artificial intelligence and technology. The company was founded in 2021 and is the proprietor of several universities – IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU) in Germany with more than 35 campuses nationwide, the London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF) in the UK, as well as the University of Fredericton (UFred) in Canada – all together counting more than 140.000 students. Behind IU Group are more than 4,000 employees from nearly 90 nationalities. Further information: